Weapon of choice Long sword and Tower shield Mighty Composite Long bow (str of 18+ required) for ranged


Born and raised in the city. 18 years old Black Hair, Green eyes, Olive coloured skin (Father was Caucasian, Mother was Persian) My mother died while giving birth to me. Father died when I was 7 years old. I can remember little of my father other then a few fond memories and that he was a city guard for many years but one night died in a fire after running in to save some children stuck in side. I was taken in by the church that my father and I would go to every Sunday. Father Jonathan Taylor became like a second father to me. It was because of my relationship with Father Taylor that at the age of 15 I knew I wanted to be a righteous paladin and protect the innocent. By the age of 16 I became a paladin and started down my path of life. We lived in a small house near the chapel just the two of us and he started my training. I currently live with Lord Diddler he seems a man of good character and i believe he wants what is best for this city and it’s people. I return to visit with father Jonathan Taylor to catch up on recent events when able to do so discretely. I know that with my aspiration for cleansing the city I may make a few enemies so I know longer sleep at father Jonathan’s home and I have spoken to him at length as to why I no longer stay there. He insists that with his experience a person would be hard pressed to hurt him.


City of Deception Hunt