Lord Duncan Shambles

Union Leader/minor lord


Male, Dwarf


Lord Duncan is a rude and gruff Dwarf who has spent most of his life working in the mining trade.

15 years ago he packed up shop and moved to one of the human city’s in an attempt to make even more money by selling off his mining rights.

After a year or 2 of living in luxury, he decided to start experimenting with mining techniques. in a bout 6 months he had developed a new form of mining.

As a result he formed a company and union to protect his ideas and ways, and is now founder and head of the largest Guild in the city, The Free Muckers.

Since moving to this city, duncan has been kidnapped twice, and threatened with death by his numours enemys.

First Kidnapping

The first kidnapping, occured as a result to try and get his mining rights by a thrid party with out them having to pay for it.

This ended badly as he escaped and killed his captors, and then proceeded to consume property after property in land seisures from that thrid party, causing them to end up bankrupt and in ruin.

Second Kidnapping

The second kidnapping was conducted by a source unkown to him, but he ended up being saved by servants from the house of his eternal rival, Lord Diddler.

Lord Duncan Shambles

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