Lord William Diddler

Minor Lord and Leader of House Diddler.



A strange and eccentric man, yet he is also very kind and endearing. He inherited the house from his father after he had retired.

He was the only child.


Father (dead) was a successful merchant and land owner who turned his fortunes towards lordship once a lower spot had opened up.

Wife (dead) – Sister of Ramses the 123rd

John (Odysseus) Diddler (dead) – Oldest Son was a Military man who died at the battle of Mintaro

Richard Diddler (alive) – Youngest Son Currently Enrolled in the School of Knowledge in Quelarn at the great library.

Sally Diddler (alive) – Daughter Currently Working under her father and next to inherit the house and titles currently bestowed upon Lord Diddler

Lord William Diddler

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