Prince Thesbian Socrates


Human Aristocat


Born in one of the northern city-states as the youngest of 5 siblings, and set to not inherit anything but a title from his family.

As a young man he sought to find a place in his father’s court, but was seen as a possible usurper by his oldest brother.

His father saw a trend in the way his oldest son was treating and plotting towards Thesbian and designed a plan for him to go and live with his cousin who was then a voting member of the Council, and had just lost his son in a military excursion into Swarlen lands.

Using the political styles that Thesbian had acquired while attending his fathers court and the teachings of his cousin, he was able to inherit his cousin’s fortunes and move up the political ladder. These skills eventually landed him in a leading seat in The Trinity

Prince Thesbian Socrates

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