City of Deception

Succession Tournament week 2

For those of you following the tournament this week was an exciting week for everyone watching Diddler’s Destroyers. They were attacked in the middle of the night by Dark Stalker and that little gnome took the killing blow. Giving Diddler’s Destroyers another card for their box.

Most of Diddler’s Destroyers entered the pig wrangling tournament. Everyone but that wizard looking guy. They did fairly well to, the goblin showed some smarts as he put them all in some kind of a trance or something just cast a spell and walked over to tie them up but it was that cool little gnome again that topped it off winning the tournament in a face off to wrangle a monstrous sized boar. That gnome might be small but he sure is mighty.

After winning the tournament they met up with some guild member and were convinced to join a guild to beat the game faster and split the prize. The guild provided a list of Spell Cards that they were trying to monopolize on.

Well I don’t know who that ugly looking lady was but she came out of no where trying to steal the Diddler’s Destroyers cards but left empty handed just as fast leaving 5 skeletons for the group to fight. seemed like they beat them with no real issues.

That night the newest member of the party Diddler’s Destroyers randomly got a new item card a hot rock just from playing around in the fire pit. don’t know if it was dumb luck or holy direction but that’s one more card for his deck. the clever halfing noticed and followed suit looked like he tried to get more then one but was only able to get one extra so looks like that’s the cap of for that item. good job halfing don’t let the other groups get it.

Diddler’s Destroyers were asked for help and the typical pally just says yes to anyone in need of help and is the first to say yes to assist the ninja looking guy from bandit city. Their people were diseased and looking for help. took them a while and a lot of talking but the wizard guy seemed to have an idea. where it came from no one knows but he handed a card to the paladin who used it to help cure the bandit people of the cursed disease. and they got the card no one has ever gotten in the history of the game. Good job Diddler’s Destroyers.

True to their word Diddler’s Destroyers handed over the prized card to the guild. trusting lot they are. lets see if the guild holds true or if they take all the cards for them selves…..

The Lugard News
The Great Games were held.

Extra Extra!

As some of you might know, there have been a few exciting events going on in the city of Lugard, during the last week the lords council has held their succession tournament.

The events that took place over the 7 days were as follows, with the ranking of each of the top three teams.

Test of Skill

1. Malfunction’s Menace 2. Diddler’s Destroyers 3. Columbus Cutthroats

Test of Luck

1. Diddler’s Destroyers 2. Columbus Cutthroats 3. Malfunction’s Menace

Test of Honor

1. Diddler’s Destroyers 2. Columbus Cutthroats 3. Malfunction’s Menace

Test of Combat

1. Diddler’s Destroyers 2. Malfunction’s Menace 3. Columbus Cutthroats

Afther the completion of these long 7 days, the top 5 teams showed that they had the skill’s required to compete in The Gauntlet

A journy only the most skilled people in the would would undertake!

In the next few weeks we will see what group of heror’s will return alive, and which group will be left stranded!

From the Editor, John Jonson Jr.


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