The Ministry of Magic


Western section of the administration district.

The Council:

1 Head Administrator

6 Councillors

10 Magus

Regular Members:

50 Invokers

37 Administrators

123 initiates

Military Wing:

11 War Mages

32 War Mage initiates

200 Knights of Ministry


The Ministry of Magic historically was a group of 5 mages and 12 acolytes who advised the King James the 3rd. After his death the group fractioned them selves from the other ruling parties in the city, taking with them a third of the military support.

Through the use of their military and mercenaries they were able to hold and secure the original dock’s and market sections of town, thus holding 1/3rd of the city for the 10 year civil war.

During the time of the civil war the Ministry of Magic, was led by a cruel but just man by the name of Sanders of the Desert. With him at the head of the organization they were able to continue their study and proliferation of magic while maintaining and hold their sections of the city.

Unfortunately for Sanders of the Desert, he had no wish to give up any portion of control of the city. This in turn led to his death at the hands of his lieutenants, and the succession of Magister Rolland Ice. Three weeks later a treaty was signed and The Trinity was formed.

The Ministry of Magic

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